G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: You beat me to it ;)

peppermonkey wrote:

Lol, I was just in the process of mentioning the same thing.

G3 although seems like a huge step forward for Panny still isn't 'that' good, at least consistently. Heck, even the E-PL2 looks better depending on where you point that magnifying glass in the comparison shots.

I would add too that you can't really tell anything about sensor performance comparing JPEGs (although for JPEG shooters you can tell a lot about the JPEG engines).

Still, considering how my GF1 struggles at anything above ISO800 I'm mighty impressed and would love to get my hands on a G3 (assuming RAW is good). Course on the other hand I haven't gotten anywhere near the potential of my GF1 so I'll just keep it a while bit longer

I feel the same way... I'm intrigued by the G3 and have considered trading up from a GF1 to one of the bodies that has a built in high quality EVF, but I do still love my GF1. I also shoot with a Nikon D200, and feel little need to upgrade to a D300 or D7000 even though those newer models have sensors that handle noise and dynamic range significantly better. I'm jut not that bothered by noise for the types of shots I typically shoot handheld in low light. I'm talking mostly candids of friends and family that look great converted to black & white and with a little film grain added to make the noise seem more organic. Most of these are photos that will never be printed larger than 4x6 (occasionally 5x7 or 8x10). And thanks to the 20mm f/1.7 I rarely shoot above ISO 800 even for indoor available light shots. Most of the time I'm shooting at ISO 400, with a number of 800 shots and a rare shot over 800. Even the 1600 shots I can work with and make look really good. 3200 is pushing things, but if I go super-stylized and make it look like a Holga took it then it ends up being just fine.

Now dynamic range improvements would be welcome at times, but I don't have major problems with that either.... especially when I use a tripod and take multiple exposures. But even for single exposures I know how far I can push things in RAW an still recover detail from the highlights and shadows.


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