G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

There are many things that make a camera better or worse, sharpness and "jpeg" low noise are only a few of them (regarding the sensor). Color depth, accuracy, Drange (new sony sensors reaching almost 14 Evs according to Dxo mark while a GF2 gets merely 10.3evs). As a former G1 user too, but one who mostly shoots RAW, i can say that this kind of thread is good to get lots of replies, but since no one has the camera yet (and since panasonic is the champion for not delivering enough and in time for consumers), its all just gessing...

EDIT..Here is a quote from imaging resource:

"Compared to the Panasonic G2, the G3 scored slightly higher at the "High" quality level (7.02 vs 6.68 f-stops), but lower in total dynamic range (10 vs 10.8 f-stops)."
So the already poor DR got even worse now...


Trevor G wrote:

Apart from some of its snazzy features, like selectable background defocus control, the sheer image quality of the new sensor leaves any APS-C camera in its wake at high ISO and JPEG output.

Bear in mind that I am a former G1 owner, a current Nikon D700 owner and until today was a prospective Olympus E-PL2 owner.

This comparison is nothing short of amazing (click on "Original" at the top of the image):

Panasonic cracks the noise barrier - actually the noise and JPEG in-camera processing barrier. What a winner!

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I could be a much better photographer if i was out there taking pictures, instead of talking here at dpreview....

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