G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: well f1 on m43 is not that difficult

again - I'm VERY happy with the already legendary Nikon 85mm f1.5 G coupled to my d7k. But while I use this, I keep an eye open for when... Right now I think m43's fastest manufacturer lens is a Leica/Panasonic f1.4 which is just f2.8 in 35mm terms, is expensive, and doesn't even have good reviews...

This is incorrect. An f1.4 is a f1.4 anywhere and everywhere.

Also a slight misconception is that a 20mm on 4/3s is 40mm at 35mm equivalent.
In terms of focus convergence it is not.

Most apparent when used in closer up photography - ie how much or noses will look bigger.

Complete equivalence is only in crop factor.

But again to reiterate lens speed is not alter by sensor size.


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