G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

Started May 13, 2011 | Discussions thread
Yohan Pamudji Senior Member • Posts: 2,874
Sensor size will always matter

Just Having Fun wrote:

We are slowly reaching the point where technology will elimnate the benefits of sensor size.

A bigger sensor will always result in a cleaner image, all other technology being equal. That's just physics. There's no getting around that.

But we certainly could get to the point where that the difference doesn't matter to the vast majority of people in this target market. I would argue we're pretty much there right now. Give a test group of soccer moms the G3 and an entry-level DSLR from Canon or Nikon, and I'm confident most of them would choose the G3 (cover up the brands with masking tape to avoid brand bias ;)). The most commonly cited reason I've heard from friends and family for getting a DSLR is the better image quality, but these same people don't necessarily want the extra bulk. I think the G3 gets to a good enough image quality while maximizing the size advantage and would do extremely well if it were properly distributed and promoted. People just need to give it a chance.

My prediction is that soon cameras will offer software based variable DoF. There is already PC software that tries to accomplish this.

That would be interesting. Wonder how much processing power would be needed for that, and how usable it would be in practice?

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