G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: 45mm f2.8 is far from there yet

antoineb wrote:

thanks. But:

an f2.8 lens on m43 is, I think, no more than a f5.6 lens in 35mm - hardly anything to write home about

plus, this lens hasn't received particularly good reviews, based on what I've seen

but again - I'm watching, I'm watching, and the day will clearly come.

An f2.8 lens on m4/3 is still an f2/8 lens in 35mm. The physical size of the aperture, and the lens optical focal length, don't change. The focal ratio is defined as the optical "infinity" focal length divided by the apparent aperture diameter as viewed from the front nodal point. Again, these don't scale with the sensor size; they're physical properties of the lens/aperture.

DOF may be different between the two camera body formats using the same lens, as is apparent angle of view, but focal ratio remains constant.


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