G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: Totally agree and will sell my DSLR as soon as I can

Jogger wrote:

If youre not getting good results out of a D7k + 85/1.4G combo, then its probably a user issue, imo. Also, good luck trying to replicate that in m43.

Well, that wasn't really what he wrote - was it? There might be other reasons for wanting a M43-based equipment - it's not necessarily that your current equipment produces bad output.

I would say reduced size & weight is an important factor. If you can reduce that significantly and still maintain reasonable close output to an ASPC-DSLR, then you have a winner.

antoineb wrote:

I own a Nikon d7k, which is a great DSLR, and I own some nice glass with it

BUT, I'd prefer to own a mirrorless camera.

Until recently their IQ was lower, especially at higher ISO - this seems gone now.

Their AF used to be at least a bit slower but now with AF times below 0.3s the G3 (and the GH2) easily match all DSLRs up to enthusiast (d7k) - and in lower light they become MUCH faster. AND, being contrast-detect, it's more precise, and it requires no adjustments (on which DSLR users are wasting so much time).

Their EVFs used to be limited by technology (at least its cost) but now they're at least as good as the OVFs of entry-level DSLRs (and they're 100% view too).

For those who care, their video capabilities are MUCH superior - for starters, they can actually AF while filming (unlike DSLRs which are advertised to do so, but can't).

So what's missing?

  • continuous shooting could be a bit faster, especially buffers could be a bit deeper. But that's easy to solve, especially at a slightly higher price point

  • a nice, fast, portrait lens like my 85mm f1.4 G

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