G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: I understand, but I don't agree completely
  • First is not only G3, there are many other cameras, begining on the G1, G2, GF1, GF2, GH1 GH2, EP 1, EP 2, EPL 1, EPL 2 that have make a lot of people to change from slr into micro cameras (4/3)

  • Second, people who don't feel the need for a small camera with high quality for sure will stay using slr cameras

The image quality is not all, people who have changed earlier into micro 4/3 have changed for other reasons

I have changed into micro 4/3 with Panasonic Lumix G system, cameras and lenses, and really don't feel the need any slr

I have been a pro for several years using some good pro slr, and I am happy with the quality, even with my first G1, now I have the GF1 and G2 with 4 lenses, and don't feel the need to buy a GH2 a GF2 or a G3

I prefer the size of the G2 and the camera in all compared to the G3 or GF2, hope Panasonic make a GF3 with the size and built quality of the GF1 (and with the dials), I understand that the smaller cameras will conquer some more people, but I prefer to have a good balance in size between the body and lenses

But I agree that these new smaller Panasonic Lumix cameras will conquer more people (size/quality) but it is not the begining of the slr cameras end, slr cameras will continue to sell well as micro 4/3

The G3 seems a very good camera but it is not an slr killer

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