G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

The G3 seems to herald a new day for OOC jpegs, they look like raw files, this is nothing less than a new dawn, imagine what the advantage of that is, size, speed, detail etc etc. The Oly image looks as if its been through a skin touch up programme, its that smooth the detail is gone and its only iso800, same for all aps-c cams too. The G3 are seriously impressive, you dont realise at first just how good, look at the bank notes etc, the 1d mk4 is struggling too against the Panny.

Trevor G wrote:

KylieMinogue wrote:

I'm still going to get (soon I hope!) the Oyl E/PL2 over the G3 - the test images I've seen simply seem better (e.g. skin tones, colour) with slightly more detail than the G3 (e.g. see the image comparison above)

Well, I've now looked at that comparison, and while the Panasonic has more noise at 800ISO, it also has more detail than the Olympus (not the other way around). Just look at the eyebrows...

Quite frankly, if Olympus is smearing away that much fine detail at ISO800 I don't need one, and I now won't get one.

The fact is that you can always reduce noise from JPEGS later on, but you cannot return detail which has been lost through noise smearing. Detail is king, they tell me.

Well, that's what reviewers have all been saying for years, and what my processing shows. Maybe others find different results?

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