G3 heralds the end of APS-C DSLRs

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Re: Gear Wars no - technical advances Yes

Trevor G wrote:

453C wrote:

I don't get the Us vs. Them Gear Warz so often seen here. I'm encouraged by the early images from the G3, but don't think for an instant that the End is Nigh for APS-C. Compare the native m43 lens lineup to APS-C and tell me otherwise.

This is the day that all the Gear Warz folk have said can never happen - that µ4/3 could never produce better images than APS-C.

Yet the in-camera JPEGS show just that in those very important, high ISO detail and noise smearing areas.

What a victory for Panasonic! This is where their market lies, in folk who use JPEGS OOC.

m43 has a long way to go, and the G3 looks to be a positive step, but let's not get carried away. All it does is invite some Nikon lover to start beating their drum in response, and that gets tedious after the first post.

I'm a Nikon user. I accept what my eyes show me about in-camera JPEG output.

Okay, enjoy the Triumph of the m43, or whatever this is about. All I'm saying (and several others here, btw) is there's a lot more to a successful camera system than a few JPEG studio shots. You apparently see it differently.

Now about those lenses...

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