70-300 IS USM at 300

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Re: 70-300 IS USM at 300

GKN wrote:

I had the 70-300mm IS lens - generally good but quality tailed off a little at 300. The AF was too slow for moving subjects. My overall impression was "good".

I got a unique opportunity to do some bird/wildlife photography on a holiday, and decided that fast AF was important. I opted for the 70-300mm L ...... I have been very happy - while the spec on paper largely the same as the non L, I'm more than delighted with the new lens - very sharp, great contrast/clarity at 300, excellent IS, very quick AF ...... the result was a much higher than expected rate of "keepers". Wide open at 300 gives excellent results - no need to stop down.

Regardless of what you buy, you should test on your camera body - there are always manufacturing variances (especially AF callibration), so check before you buy. I tried the lens with my camera body in the shop and then reviewed the images at 100% before purchasing.

I'm am on budget and $1800 (70-300L street price in my town) is too expensive for me. However, I've been thinking of it since it was announced :).

How does 70-300L compare to tammy (good copy) ? I don't really need a white weather sealed super reliable lens, all I want is a lens that can deliver good or at least satisfactory result at 300mm

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