Printer advise Epson 3880/4900 + question on storage/moving printer

Started May 13, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Kim van Heuven Forum Member • Posts: 79
Printer advise Epson 3880/4900 + question on storage/moving printer

Hi all,

Thinking of buying a new printer. Have had the HP 9180 which I enjoyed but after using it for a while it started to malfunction and I had to throw it away since it couldn't be fixed anymore.

So I'm looking for a replacement. 2 printers are currently on my wish list:

  • Epson 3880 and the newer Epson 4900

Both seem to be a great machines but the 4900 is much more expensive. I really like the roll option on the 4900 though.

One thing I'm concerned about on both printers is the fact that I move to another location every couple of years due to work obligations. This would mean that my printer has to go in transit and it could take 3 months before I get it back (unless I send it by airfreight on personal expensive). in that case it would be probably max. 10 days without being able to use it.

I'm concerned that the printhead would become clogged in transit and both Epson printers don't have a replaceable print head.

Especially on the expensive 4900 it would be a disaster if the printer becomes useless after transit, it's just to much money to "through" away.

Could anyone advise me on this issue. Are the printers able to more location easily without damage? Does one need to remove the cartridges, put replacement cartridges in there??? Will the print head gets clogged? Anyone with personal experience?

Appreciate your feedback. Also would like your opinion on the 3880 vs 4900.

Many many thanks

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