how difficult is it to make a full frame sensor?

Started May 11, 2011 | Discussions thread
ScottyNV Veteran Member • Posts: 3,889
still relevant.

if the processes are better, we all win.. but the relative ratio of good crop sensors to good 'ff' sensors on a wafer is likely to be similar, so the analogy and data are still sound.

i don't see the cost of the 5D3 whenever it comes out being substantially lower than that of the 5D2 - $2700CDN retail today.. funny, 2.5 years after i put down my deposit to secure my place on the pre-order list, the cost has finally come down to what i paid!

you can argue the specific numbers, but the reality is that what has been posted in this thread is pretty close.. it does cost a lot more to manufacture a large sensor than a small(er) one.. even if the associated costs were the same, the price would be a minimum of $1000. over that of a similar structured crop body.. assuming the 7D is really about the same level of construction of the 5D2, retail price is about right on that one.

beam me up captain, there's no intelligent life down here!

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