FZ100 or HX100V. Help!

Started May 12, 2011 | Discussions thread
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novice2011 Forum Member • Posts: 63
FZ100 or HX100V. Help!

I'm on the verge to make a decision if I should keep FZ100 or replace it with Sony HX100V.

I just purchased FZ100 last week and I was disappointed by the incredible noise and loss of detail in IQ.

Also, I guess it doesn't perform well in low-light condition whether indoor or outdoor.

I was wondering if there are any good factors in FZ100 that makes it a better camera than HX100V that I should be informed before I make my decision, or vice versa as this is Sony Talk forum.

Any pros and cons analysis will be greatly appreciated.

Some of the main features/functions I'm looking for are :

  • Quality in Video

  • IQ in Dual Recording (Simulatneous stills and video shooting )

  • good low-light performance or less noise and good detail.

  • Good Burst mode if possible ( Burst available in video, too? ).

  • I read that FZ100 is speedier to manipulate than HX100V. Is the HX100V responding time that bad compared to FZ100?

Thank you.

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