D7000/Nikon Quality Control Issues

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Re: Another 1st post slam on Nikon

Steve Bingham wrote:

Give it up, please. This forum is here to HELP folks, not slam Nikon. ALL dslr cameras have at least a few hot pixels sooner or later. It is the nature of the beast. 1 out of 18,000,000 pixels will make no difference. Zero.

Nikon also has a software upgrade that gets rid of these. Most raw converters will also mask these out - automatically. The in-camera jpg will also mask them out which you can see when you download your photos.

Dust on the sensor is a shipping problem. It can easily be blown off with a Rocket blower.

Newbies need to do a little research before bitching on-line. It is posts like this one that have done a great deal of harm to this forum. Sorry.
Steve Bingham
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When you recieve a brand new DSLR the sensor is protected by the camara lens mount cap. I should not have absolutely no dust what so ever .

Even though I concur with you , I understand we live in a democracy and everybody has the right as long as he doesn't restrain your rights to say it as he see's it . The same right you have to oppose his complaining he has to complain .

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