A bleeding heart and the tale of the Nikon 60G (samples)

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Re: A bleeding heart and the tale of the Nikon 60G (samples)

andrbar wrote:

Hi Mac, nice to see you back here.
Nice to play with DOF thanks to fast lenses.
Very nice pictures. Only the last is of little interest IMHO.
Thanks for sharing

Thanks André, been busy with real life, so haven't posted much for a good while. Things have settled now and I got a little excess energy again

I agree with you on the last one of the samples, in retrospect it does not really show anything, except the lens at infinity. I included it because it's extremely sharp all the way out in corners and there's a lot of detail everywhere and overall good contrast considering the conditions. With the pixel binning effect of resizing it does not really show in a 1280px pic though, need 100 % crops. I did not expect a macro lens to perform acceptably at such distances. I got "normal" lenses such as the Voigtländer 58 1.4 and 105DC + zooms that I've never been really happy with at infinity while they excel at closer distances.

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