How do you handle a rude/bad communicator client?

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Re: How do you handle a rude/bad communicator client?

BellaBull8 wrote:

in any case I believe that you took this seriously and I'm sorry.

To me, being a professional means taking even lower paid work seriously - that's how I justify raising rates.

raising prices is the hardest thing to do: once you start low then you'll stay low for a long time.

again they always behave like that, until they can. and if they can. first they want to look good to their bosses , then they know that they can count on others available and willing to do it for a byline. Problem is that the good ones (and I believe that you belong to that category) don't come for free or don't stay free for long.

we are talking local news, right? the kind of work not covered by AP to be clear. Sure they can send somebody else for free but they don't perform well, they may be busy doing something else when needed, in a word: they are not reliable. You are. And they know. Of course they know.

I said what I said meaning to help, sincerely.

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