Olympus PEN ELP-2 focusing behaviour

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Getting a tiny spot AF area on the E-PL2 (and E-PL1)

tarnumf wrote:

His issue is not a focus area, but the fact that object is too small for that area and camera stick to previous focusing distance that is in background. Changing focus area may help, ideal solution would be spot focus option - which EPL2 don't have. I have same behavior with EP2 - it's normal.

In case it helps anybody, yes you can get a small spot AF area on the E-PL2 (and the E-PL1) but this feature was introduced with the E-PL1 - the E-P1 and E-P2 don't have it (certainly the former, and I assume the latter, anyway).

It's called Zoom Frame AF (and Zoom AF), and it's on p36 of the FULL manual (on the CD), and maybe elsewhere in the abridged US printed manual (I'm in the UK, where we get a printed full manual too, just the same as on the CD).

Basically, it's the magnifier button and you need (just once, if you like) to tell the camera your preference for how small you want the AF target to be when you use it.

If you haven't yet used the feature, here's how to do it. Having set your single, too-large AF target mode, press the magnifier glass button once (sometimes it might need twice). The AF target appears outlined in green. Down in the left corner of the LCD, is a prompt to press Info, and initially when you get the camera, it says 7x nearby. At this point, the AF target is the same size as it always was - too big, if you happen to like spot focus. Press info and select with the arrow keys (or the E-PL2's wheel), 10x (smaller) or 14x (small as the Panny's smallest, just about). Accept the desired setting.

Henceforward, when you want a spot focus target, press the magnifier (once usually, sometimes it needs twice). Another press makes that target fill the full screen (which can be useful, but sometimes confusing to look at, depending on the subject and lighting [and the degree of magnification you have set]!). Another press takes it back to the spot focus target on the unmagnified screen. Pressing OK cancels it (so yes, you do need to press the magnifier again to get the small spot AF target back if you've gone off into the Super Control Panel or the Live Control interface to change something there). However, it operates OK with the spot AF target on screen for exposure changes via the controls, as you don't need to use the OK button for those.

Sounds more complicated than it is - it can be as small as a Panasonic smallest AF target, just not quite as permanently set. And once you've told the camera your preferred size, it's only a question of hitting the magnifier button when you want it.

Hope that helps...

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