Painters Pole for Flash (DIY)

Started Apr 18, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Painters Pole for Flash (DIY)

A standard monopod is a cheaper solution and can serve double duty. It also collapses so it fits inside my Pelican 1620 as part of my Quantum wedding kit. Cost is $35 and is all my assistant needs to get the flash 9 feet off the ground which is all I need. Any higher and the odds go up of getting raccoon eyes instead of a nice fill lighting.

With the Quantum strobe I get more than enough power for even group shots out in the noon day sun and the flash head tilts so I do not need a head or adapter of any type on the end of the monopod.

My assistant can setup the Quantum and battery pack with its strap and spin the flash head on the monopod and be ready for me to shoot in 5 minutes. Taking it down takes another 5 minutes and everything fits in the 1620 case to go into my car trunk for the remainder of the day and night.

When I want diffusion I use the SP Studios (formerly sold by Norman) EZoctagonal softbox which mounts directly on the Quantum flash head and opens like an umbrella with the diffuser fabric already in place. 19 inches round but when collapsed it is only about 14 inches long and easily fits inside the 1620 case. Opening it up and attaching it takes about 30 seconds. Cost is $40 plus shipping.

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