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Re: Testing that IBIS.....

Guy Parsons wrote:

Fact 3. For critical work it is best to use a stable platform and leave IBIS off.

My proposed testing is to try and find at what shutter speed range that the IBIS blur effect happens. Some say that it centres around 1/160 second that problems are present. The trouble is that that it is probably dependent on the user's hand-holding ability and my results will be different to someone else's, but in the end I will do this to find out what suits me.

There are well documented 'blur' effects at around 1/100 - 1/200 which
many (including me) believe are caused by shutter-to-lens vibration.
I have experienced this myself with IBIS off, both with the
kit lens, and the 14-150mm lens.

I have recorded an example of this with the 14-150mm lens at 150mm
with IBIS off, and all tripod mounted, on shutter timer.

at 1/160 shutter - repeated minor blur effect with 4 consecutive shots.
at 1/30 shutter - no blur effect with 4 consecutive shots.

I can post the images if you wish.

I am not trying to knock the E-PL1 - I really like the camera,
but it has it's issues.

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