Samyang 35 f/1.4 AS USM in US?

Started May 7, 2011 | Discussions thread
rsn48 Veteran Member • Posts: 7,428
Don't forget, different brand names

The area I usually look in flickriver is the "interesting" section of the images taken with a certain lens. So you had me re-check the images and most were taken with the Samyang, don't know why they put other images from other equipment in, seems like a poor decision to me.

Don't forget that Samyang is one of those companies that sells their lenses to other companies to be released under their name. I'm sure if you order something like 5,000 of them they'll use whatever name you'd like, how about your last name on the lens.

Rockinor (sp?) is one brand I saw popping up frequently in the Samyang section, its Samyang, also so is Vivitar (B&H), Bower (Adorama), and others I don't remember right now.
An excellent lens lasts a lifetime, an excellent DSLR, not so long.

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