Why Nikon Instead of Canon

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Re: Why Nikon Instead of Canon

So are you right or left handed. The general them throughout this post is regarding the way the camera brand feels and fits in your hands. You may be aware to cannot get a left handed DSLR, but if your right handed and want a camera that feels like a left handed DSLR your only option is to buy a Canon.

The ergonomics of the Nikon bodies, across the whole range remains unmatched by Canon, which have just too many buttons and none in the right position. Even the finger wheel on some bodies seems unnatural compared to Nikon.

So it's simple.
If your right handed, buy a Nikon.

If your left handed, buy a Nikon, get used to where the buttons, dials and levers should be (mirrored for the other hand of course) when Canon or Nikon release a left handed DSLR.

Final (& serious point) Nikon glass is superior by far and only real competitor is Leica, but can you afford a Leica? Canon continue their pixel race, but haven't realised the rest of the industry has mainly stopped. My observation is the Canon glass isn't up to the new higher resolution available in the new bodies.

Enjoy the feedback to your question then go out at the weekend and try both systems and get what feels best to you. Let us know what you decided and why.

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