HX100V one week in use

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Re: HX100V one week in use

Ok. I understand Depth of Field. I have been in photography for around 30 years and never heard or seen that term used, so I assumed it was a term used in Europe, etc.
Now I know....Thanks!

bdbx18 wrote:

Russell Fortner wrote:

Those are some good photos, sharp. I do have a ?
What does this term mean on line 3 of your negative list,
limited bokeh (only at long focal lenghts)
I am not familiar with this what is bokeh?
Thanks for sharing your photos. Hope you enjoy the camera.


A short description is essentially, blurred background or what Sony calls 'Defocus' and where your subject is sharp and the surrounds/background is softened. This emphasizes the subject which lends the eye to gaze upon that rather than to be distracted by anything else.

It is a function of sensor size, lens, f-stop and focal length. Generally, a larger sensor like a Full frame DSLR, a fast lens and a longer lens will give you the most bokeh.

You may want to google it to get much more detail but I hope this helps.

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