A suitable laptop for an amateur photographer

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Re: A suitable laptop for an amateur photographer

I'm a Microsoft user going back to Dos 3.1 on a PC-XT, and now using Win-7 64-pro with an HP LP2475w display on a huge desktop for back-home processing of images. But when I was on the road for three months last year on 3 continents, taking about 20,000 images with raw, the choice in travel laptop was a no-brainer. It's Apple.

Glass screen Apple Macbook Pro 13" with the stock 250 GB hard drive immediately removed and a 640GB drive installed to replace it. Run in both OSX mode and XP emulation mode with Photoshop and Picasa (free). The screen colours of the Mac tell a better story of how good your photographs are than any of the Windows laptops that I could find except for Sony, and I have always been disappointed with Sony digital products... they seem to be designed to break in too short a time.

I understand that the new 13" Mac Air is the same as my 2010 MBP-13, only a lot lighter, so it would be worth your while trotting down to the Apple store and having a look at their latest toys. It does appear that the new basic Macbook at $949 (at Amazon) has the same specs as my 2010 MBP-13, which may do the trick for less money.

On that trip we also borrowed a friend's iPad and I was extremely impressed with the quality of the images, but less impressed with the apps, having been spoiled by Photoshop. Never-the-less, it could serve as a way to view your shots and then upload them to a web server. It does not have enough disk space if you want to take a lot of images, however, and in Apple's plan to control all your choices, you can't add an external disk drive unless you figure out how to jailbreak the OS.

Also on that trip I bought a 1 TB Western Digital Passport that I picked up in the states at Wal-mart for the absurd price of $79 plus tax. I make a practice of backing up images every day and either carry the portable hard drive with me, or the laptop, leaving the other in the hotel. This way, I don't lose months of photographs in the event one or the other is stolen or damaged.

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