Lens Dilemma - Help!

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Lens Dilemma - Help!

I have a D5100 and am looking at two different possible combinations of Nikon lenses. (I already have the 16-85 but I can excahnge this within the next 3 days if I choose). I also have a Prime 35mm F1.8 which I will be keeping as it is so cheap it just isn't worth selling plus I've had it too long for a refund anyway.

These are my two considerations.


Keep the 16-85 for a walkaround lens. This is a top quality lens with good wide angle and telephoto but is a relatively slow lens

Keep (and use) the Prime 35mm F1.8 for low light requirements.

Purchase and add the 50mm AF-S for any portrait work.


Get a refund on the 16-85

Don't buy the 50mm

Buy the Nikon 17-55 AF-S F2.8 and use this for everything.

This would probably in most situations make my 35mm F1.8 redundant.

This would provide one quality lens for all. Not as wide or long as the 16-85 but a lot brighter through it's range.

If I need something longer at a later date maybe add a 70-300.

I really am trying to decide between these two specific options so I would be grateful of opinions on these two. I don't want to start factoring in specific FX lenses or Sigma/Tamron/Tokina etc.

Many thanks.

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