Sigma 150mm macro + EX-25, how much maginification?

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msusic wrote:

It would be great if someone with the combo could test the difference with and without ex25.

I know you don't gain as much as with shorter focal lenghts, but I have found a Sigma for a good price and was interested if it would work and how well.

Sigma has a working distance of 25cm (from the front element), and adding ex25, working distance would still be relatively long which is good because 50+ex25 working distance is just a few centimeters.

There are some good formulas here, if you want to be precise,

But generally, aside from a working distance being always a plus, longer macro lenses make it also somewhat harder to shoot macro steady than the shorter ones. And so if you start adding to it you may quickly find it rather unusable than helping. If anything, I would only add a closeup lens, as Canon 500D for example, or some Raynox variants, and a good solid tripod. That would be it.

Sigma 150 is a superb all-round prime, and is joy to use for all other than macro types of photography as well. So if you see a good deal, get it.

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