Nikon 60 mm f2.8 G

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canterel Contributing Member • Posts: 629
Re: Nikon 60 mm f2.8 G

unfortunately i end up using the 50/1.4 a lot, even though i hate it. i just need the speed, and the focal length is natural. but i'm dying to get rid of the 50 lens of replace it with something else... 50/1.8? or sigma? or maybe nikon will make an even faster 50?

but anytime i'm working with enough light, i switch from 50g to 60g.

i really wish nikon had made it a 60mm f/2 micro. that would be my idea lens in this range... even if it only went to 1:2 it would be awesome for my needs.

lancet wrote:
I second that. After getting 60 2.8 I hardly ever use the 50 1.4.
Build quality is very good.

canterel wrote:

it's not a hefty lens, but it's well built and doesn't feel plasticky. i would say the build is better than the consumer zooms or the 50/1.4g. optically it's a phenomenal lens for any application, one of the real gems in nikon's lineup. highly recommended!

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