If you had to choose one lens..

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If you had to choose one lens..

After doing more research I have made the decision to go with the D700 (body only). For now my finances will only allow me to get the body and one lens. I will have to wait untill a few things sale (truck, motorcycle and camper) before getting the rest.

With knowing the availability of lens is uncertain, I may be using the one lens longer than expected.

I'm having a hard time deciding which one to go with.
This is what is on my list,
14-24mm f1.4
35 mm f1.4
50 mm f1.4
70-200 mm f2.8vrII
500 mm f4

The 14-24 and the 500mm are the ones I am realy looking foward to. Can't wait to get a hold on those! But of course the 500 will be waiting until something sales.

Keep in mind this is my first dslr, since the 35mm some twenty years ago, and this lens will be used for learning the d700. If the other lenses are not available at the time I can make the purchase(hopefully in a few months), I will be using this lens for a variety, mostly outdoors.

If you had to choose one lens out of these which one would it be ?

If you could share your thoughts from your experiences it would be greatly appreciated.


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