NX 20mm f2.8 lens brief review

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Re: NX 20mm f2.8 lens brief review

cucumber wrote:

sensibill wrote:

contributes a lot to this forum and he's entitled to voicing his views without receiving an armchair psych evaluation.

just curious, in your opinion, how many words about NX one needs to write to be entitled to sht on others? a rough estimate would do.

I have to admit cucumber, despite your openly inflammatory contributions to this forum, I find you quite amusing! I'm not condoning your actions by any means- what frustrates me more is that people allow themselves to rise to the occasion.

For what it's worth (and I won't be offended if it's considered not worth a damn) apologies to starwolfy on what was perceived to be an attack on your personality. I'm not sure that accusing you of being defensive or argumentative wouldn't have provoked a similar response though. Personality 'defects' are universal and the world would be a very boring place without them. God knows I have more than my own fair share... Allow me to draw a parallel to make this heated thread somewhat more relevant to photography- perhaps lenses are very much like personalities in that it's their very 'defects' that make them such an interesting topic of discussion!

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