Whats wrong with on-board DSLR flashes?

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Popup vs. hotshoe flash...

Interestingly enough, back when I was was making my living behind the cameras, my Vivitar 283's (all three of them) were in constant use daily (along with my Quantum Battery Pack 1).

Now, I still have the three Vivitar 283's (and a Wein Hotshoe Safe Sync, of course), plus both an Olympus and a Pentax TTL flash units, and I know that I can get better flash from the hotshoe models.

But . . . not a one of those five hotshoe flash units have been mounted on any of my digital cameras in at least two years.

But, the popup flashes have been used numerous times just because it was handy, and pretty much all I needed for the shots at hand.

Now that I normally only shoot for myself I find that I rarely ever have a need for the bigger flash units.

  • Popup flash shot from my Olympus E-510 w/35mm Zuiko macro

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