Please Recommend a Portrait Lens

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Re: Please Recommend a Portrait Lens

The 85 f/1.8 is a great lens, but on crop will be more useful for tighter portraits (head only or head and shoulders). 50mm will be a bit more flexible (equivalent to 80mm on full frame). If you want to do 'environmental portraits', where you show more of the body and give a sense of the surroundings, a wider 'normal' lens is even better (on a crop camera a decent choice is the 28 f/1.8).

If you want to get started on a budget, I'd also recommend you consider the 50 f/1.8. As cheap as they get, and actually performs very nicely if stopped down just a bit (a warning of what you're getting into though: this lens got me started on primes and I've since got myself another six, including the 50 f/1.2).

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