SZ-20 First shots

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SZ-20 First shots

Needed a 'proper' P&S messing with PASM, fiddly control rings etc etc ... just get the damn shot (!) ...and decided on this, having been so pleased with Olympus colour rendition from my useful, if a little large for the pocket, E-P1. I also particularly wanted something with decent focal range, and discounted the Panasonics (colour shift too far out), Fuji F300 (constant flash-up),500,550 (not different enough from earlier efforts), Nikon 9100 (great SLRs, just never quite do it in compacts), Samsung (no particular usp), Canon (recently sold S90, don't miss it) ....

With a 24-280mm (equiv) lens, great colour, superb ease-of-use, decent jpeg quality (there's no raw output), low noise and fantastic handling (to me at least), and apparently 16:9 ar as well, this latest pocket rocket is gonna get hammered, I reckon - a real pleasure to use, no additional grips required, no separate lens cap ...and early results are very promising indeed.

A few here from earlier, more at the link below ...and I'll come up with some kind of more detailed 'review' when I can.

1/ My latest guitar : MusicMan Axis SuperSport

2/ Pacific Blueburst :

3/ Above the clouds ... (long end o'the zoom, of course) :

And it looks like this :

Suffice to say at this point - I'm very pleasantly surprised !
More soon ...

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New SZ-20 images at :

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