Switch from a Canon 5D Mark II to a M9?

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Pierre from Sweden Regular Member • Posts: 124
Switch from a Canon 5D Mark II to a M9?

I am in need of some good advice.

My family is planning a 3 week trip to the US and I am not willing to lug around a DSLR anymore. Last year I had my 5DII + one lens only the 50/f1.4 and really enjoyed this. Less is really more! But even with one lens the DSLR is big and it gets attention.

I want to be with my family, enjoying doing things together and a big DSLR + 2 or more big lenses comes in the way all to often. This all started yesterday when my wife told me to get a smaller camera to bring and she told me to get a D-Lux5 for this trip and leave the DSLR at home (She uses a LX3)

I have taken photos since I was 8 years old and my son is now 8 years old and he uses my old G7. My first camera was lending my Fathers Yashica rangefinder that I still have and a Canonflex from 1959 that also still works fine.

I have used all sorts of cameras from 1967 till today and I really want to come back to basics in a durable, smaller and less cumbersome camera than my current DSLR.

I am an experienced amateur and take photos of my son and family, friends, travel, nature and architecture.

My favorite lens on 24x36 is the 50mm followed by the 35mm and the 70-200mm.
When traveling I also enjoy taking landscapes with my 16-35 used at 16-24mm.

The really big decision is coming closer and closer.

I am really very tempted to sell my entire Canon DSLR equipment to get a M9 and a 35/f2.0 Summicron to start with and later a 50/f1.4 Summilux.

In time I hope to able to add a 18mm or a 24mm wide angle M-lens and lastly a 90mm portrait lens.

I am not willing to take the risk of a used M9 to save money but I think used lenses are safe to get as M-lenses have no electronics.

Currently I have:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 20D, 16-35/f2.8L II, 35/f1.4L, 50/f1.4, 135/f2.0L, 70-200/f4.0L IS, 400/f5.6L and 2 flashguns.
Selling all this will get me the a new M9 and part of one M-lens.

Perhaps it is wise to hold on to my old EOS 20D + 70-200/f4.0L IS (Equivalent to 112-320mm on 1.6x crop APS-C) for portraits, nature, sport and action photo.

  • Has anyone here done this switch from a DSLR to a M9?

  • Are you happy with your switch to the M9?

  • Favorite lenses for my type of use?

  • Do this now or wait for the M10?

Best Regards

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