7D or 7DII

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Re: 7D or 7DII

The 7D can be a great camera and so can other Canon models like the 60D. What are your expectations for a decent camera? You can always wait for the next latest and greatest incarnation of a camera body but in the meantime you don't have it. If you can wait, then you disprove the notion that you truly need a decent camera ASAP. Stop contradicting yourself and go buy the camera that you need today .

With all that has happened in Japan with the earthquake, tsunami and great hardship placed upon them, there has become obvious shortages of Canon product. We need to expect that the next production models may be delayed due to all of this. Should you decide to wait for the 7DII, you may regret this if there becomes an acute and obvious product shortage.

youssef4u wrote:

want to buy canon 7D.. but soon there will be 7D II ?? you think i should w8 for 7D II or buy now 7D.. any idea of changes in 7D II ??? I need i descent cam asap... thanx..

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