Pentax K-5 at iso 80 is changing AstroPhotography !

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Pentax K-5 at iso 80 is changing AstroPhotography !


6-7 years ago, Canon Eos 20d or 5d were fine tools for AstroPhoto,
but their huge amount of Electronic Noise from iso 100 to 400,
made the iso 1600 setting mandatory for AstroPhotography use !
(exept setting iso 800 during warm summer nights ?)
Taking Pattern Noise in account, the measured DR was no more than 9 EV
from iso 100 to 1600, so it was not a big problem using them at iso 1600 !
Exept the need of stacking 25-30 RAWs in DSS to get good results :

As there were no change in Canon's Electronic Noise levels at low iso setting :
I decided to change back to Pentax, and bought a K-5 and a "K" T2 adapter !

Now, the Pentax K-5 is playing in a very different world than the Eos :
= a total lack of Electronic Noise at iso 80 !
= a measured DR of about 14 EV at iso 80 !
+ at iso 80, the Pentax K-5 gives you very tiny RAWs of about 13-15 MB,
and you only need stacking from 3 to 5 RAWs in DSS to get good pictures :,118675.msg2187995.html#msg2187995
(say 3 RAWs for big luminous Deep Sky Objects, else 5-6 RAWs !)

All photos presented here are taken at sea level, in a big city,
with such light pollution making any visual observation impossible !
I am very excited to bring my Pentax K-5 in the mountains,
where I could test its resistance at low temperatures !
and where, of course, i will get far better pictures !

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