There's gotta be an easier way...

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Re: There's gotta be an easier way...

Just to offer a different way, I did the following:
1. Open in Photoshop and change mode to LAB color.

2. Go to the Channels palette and drag the Lightness channel to the make new layer icon.

3. Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C. Go back to Layers and Ctrl+V. Now you have a Black and White image.

4. Turn off the top image and activate the Background image. Activate the "a" channel and go to Calculations> a and b in Divide mode.

5. Ctrl+L and slide highlights to the left to 245. Drag shadows to the right to 243.

6. Take a white brush and paint white over everything except the blossoms. Note there are some blossoms just under the rail.

7. Ctrl click on the alpha channel, go back to Layers, turn on the black and white layer, and create a mask on the black and white layer.
8. Convert back to RGB.

I probably left something out but you should be able to figure it our from above.


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