Nikon P500 vs Canon’s SX1 IS redux

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Re: Nikon P500 vs Canon’s SX1 IS redux

I have owned the camera for a while now and find it to work very well. In response to some of those "Cons":

2) No Histogram

FALSE: if you hit the "Disp" button when reviewing the pictures, there is a Histogram

3) No Optical stabilization

TRUE, but it has sensor stabilization, which may not be better, but it does work pretty well.

4) In-camera battery charging is old-school

PARTIALLY TRUE. Yes I agree that this is rather stupid, but I bought a separate charger with two extra batteries on Amazon for under $10 (not Nikon brand but they work fine) and the problem is now solved - I can charge it with a separate charger.

5) MINI-USB connector is for pocket cameras-please.

Not sure why this is a big deal

7) There must be a dozen entries in various forums about the battery not holding a charge.

I have not had this problem. I wonder if some batteries (or cameras) are lemons. If someone has this issue, perhaps try another battery and see what happens.

I agree that there are small things that would make this (and many cameras) a bit better. I would like it if I could turn it on without removing the lens cap. I would also like a remote control. My Olympus C-750 had one and it was nice to set up pictures on a tripid and be able to zoom it and trigger the shutter without touching it. Unfortunately, none of the superzoom cameras of today have one - I guess that is a way to keep the price down. The C-750 was $550, the most expensive one I ever bought.

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