P100 vs P500

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Re: P500 Bridge to nowhere...

I agree that for me the superzoom cameras are the way to go for what I do - travel all over the world and take nice photos and not have to lug a lot of stuff. My previous superzoom, the Olympus, had an optional telephoto lens that screwed on, and while I did use it, the fact that I had to pull it out of a bag and screw it on meant that it was not convenient to use. With the Nikon P500, I can have an 810mm zoom without any extra lens. Certainly an SLR in the hands of a professional (which I am not) would yield better pictures, but it would cost a whole lot more and require a whole lot of luggage. I can say that the pictures I get from this Nikon P500 are good enough for me and most people who see them think that they are excellent.

I also own a Panasonic "travel-zoom" camera which has a 12x zoom and fits easily in the pocket for those times where even the Nikon P500 is too big.

It all depends on what your objective is.

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