Fujifilm HS20 audio record ?

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Re: Fujifilm HS20 audio record ?

You can do it but Im not sure it's worth it.

You have to put the camera in video mode and then take your still pictures within that mode. You then have video and audio of each shot you take

hamx15 wrote:

Hi all....

I'm trying to fine out if the HS20 has the ability to do (standalone) audio recording files. In other words,use the camera for capture of audio only .... audio file.

I own the canon SX10. Still love it. Think it's the better IQ than the SX20 or 30.

Sometimes i use the audio record function to capture audio files. Mostly of birds.

Start it up,and walk off and let the camera capture 15 mins of very good stereo quality audio.......

I've used it for many other projects also.. Trains ... large ship horns ... it does a fine job of audio capture (in stereo).....

I would like any input as to the HS20 being able to do this...

Can't find any specific mention of this area... Other than it recording in stereo as with movies... Thanks for your input and time...
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