Camera Reviews or Personal Attacks

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Re: Review or Attack? U R on the Mark!

The humble ones that know their camera or its problem generate the best dialogs.

Harassment begins with a short impolite off topic comment. No distributable camera knowledge or solution is to be found in the reply. Just irritation and frustration. In those cases the cameras prime function is personal pride and it's not working.

Jeannie46 wrote:

I am sorry, I posted anything on this forum because as I believed this was to read the many opinions of any said camera.

Boy was I wrong, there are certain people that seem to spend their days in all forums and for some reason never give an opinion on any camera but take pride in putting a member down.

What cameras I buy, sell, keep or try is of no business to any one who thinks it is.

I will be leaving all forums except the Sony one who seems to have a very nice group of people who are more interested in cameras then into personal attacks.\

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