Tilt-shift lens alternatives?

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Re: If you want to experiment first....

I've used the Canon 35mm T/S on my old film Canons, nice and sharp.
I have an 80mm Hartblei that works on my 5D2, but never use it.

I have Helicon Focus/Remote software that lets me have any amount of DOF I want, stacking multiple shots and combining them.

Using a tilt lens for DOF has the limitation that it does not increase DOF, it only tilts the plane of focus so that it is not parallel to the film/sensor; very limited compared to focus stacking. With tilt, if you adjust so that the ground is in focus near-to-far, then a vertical surface close to the camera will go from sharp to fuzzy, bottom to top.

As for shifting the lens for panorama stitching...

To get a perfect stitch, the lens position should remain fixed and the camera body shifted. Granted, errors will likely only show up where you have nearby objects in the frame, but it still won't do the job of a panorama head and conventional lenses.

There's also the issue of decreased lens performance at the outer edges of its coverage, and color fringing caused by light hitting the sensor at too great an angle.

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