Compact superzoom TZ Clone v Large sensor compact

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Re: Compact superzoom TZ Clone v Large sensor compact

z909 wrote:

Very sensible suggestions.

Keeping the TZ3, whilst waiting for a P7000 or S95 successor is logical.

Even using both the TX3 and the S95 has merit. Unfortunately both would need to be in the holiday luggage, however most of the time one camera could stay in the hotel.

Thanks! I checked the camera database and the S95 was launched in august 2010, so the successor will probably be announced around august 2011 (though the disasters in Japan may influence this somewhat - AFAIK Canon's camera division wasn't hit particularly hard by that).

I have the TZ2 and I'm posing myself a similar question. I looked at some comparisons between those older TZ's and newer ones (on dcresource and imaging-resource you can still find comparable shots in the reviews/gallery and comparometer, respectively) and I'm not convinced quality improved significantly, except maybe somewhat for TZ7 at ISO400. The more recent TZ's are somewhat tempting mainly because of improvements like 720p video, faster focusing and more lens reach on both ends of the zoom range. But for low light, not much has changed and I think they do more or less what the TZ2 and TZ3 do.

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