Hot Shoe Flash Adapter?

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Re: Hot Shoe Flash Adapter?

mikochu wrote:

Anyone know of any companies that may be coming out with a hot shoe adapter for the NEX series? With the NEX-C3 coming out with the same proprietary accessory port, I can only hope companies would take some time for some R&D. I know the NEX-5 isn't a DSLR, but it would be nice to be able to use some external flash units.

There are some optical slave flashes that will fire an external flash that is held on a bracket next to the camera. You must look for a flash that IGNORES the pre-flash from the camera flash but fires the external flash on the 2nd flash. This will sync it with the camera flash. There is usually a switch on the external flash that controls this. Remember these flashes need to be held on a bracket next to the camera. Not in a hot shoe. Here's an example:

There are also optical slave triggers that will fire any flash you attach to the bracket. I don't have a link, but do a search and look for an optical slave trigger that will IGNORE the pre-flash from the NEX-5 flash.


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