Anyone tried cheap fisheye adapters?

Started May 6, 2011 | Discussions thread
OP jazzroy1972 Regular Member • Posts: 172
Re: Dont !!

it would be nice if you can post somne photos shot with the cheap adapter.

Actually I don't have the 16mm, I was planning to use it on my 24 and 28mm olympus zuikop lenses, which have the same 49mm ring.

so, I think that the sony wide could have heavy vignetting (if it fits) on them, and that would be awful after spending 150 euros.

vignetting means you have to crop the image, so you end up having the same field of view you had without the adapter but at a lower resolution!

so, 30 bucks can be spent for a try, 150 no..

but, if samples from someone are really awful, I could give up before trying!

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