Feedback on K-5 low light tungsten focussing issue in real life / portrait photos ?

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Re: Feedback on K-5 low light tungsten focussing issue in real life / portrait photos

Hi johnbee,

Are you using screw-driven lenses, and around which exposure settings or EV values have you been shooting at ? Could you give the first figures or your serial number (like #402xxx) ?

I forgot to mention that interesting information from pentaxeros, found elsewhere


I run a shop in Spain only in Pentax ( Store), And all who come and sell cameras are tested by me one by one and updated the firmware, etc.

And all units tested, including the last with serial number: 39XXXX, all under the same controlled light situation I have, and that play, act like all K-5.

Why many do not detect them is due to several points:

  • Only with bright lenses, focusing screw. (Not everyone has limited or light lenses)

  • It is only with certain shades of tungsten.

  • It only happens in very low light situations, and the threshold at which the light does not turn for help. If you turn the focus assist light, the approach is necessary.

  • Also in the diaphragm is closed from f/5.6, the depth of field absorbs the front focus, being negligible.

The situations in which there is very low.

As I said, do a study report to Pentax, with all the information, and direct labor Pentax Spain and Europe, who are working on it, and that the solution will come by a firmware update.

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