LX5 is a RAW compact, not OOC JPEG friendly?

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Re: Let's perhaps get (truly objective and thoughtful) here - Part 3

Many thanks to DM and the others who introduced me to the LX5 some time ago, indeed, what seems an age ago...

I use my LX5 in two modes - AVCHD videos and RAW still images. DM convinced me of the worth of RAW, and I really am no longer interested in any camera without RAW. If I want to quickly view what I have taken, or post a photo to the web, I use IrfanView and the JPG 'thumbnail' embedded in each RAW LX5 image. When I want to use the photo I have taken, then I 'develop' the image, either using Silkypix or Irfanview.

Yes, I know that better RAW editors are available, but this topic is "let's be objective and thoyghtful" and most of my photos are first processed on my laptop, which really doesn't welcome a 300 megabyte editor program loading it down. So I use the lightweight and general purpose editing solutions Still use Noise Ninja. Yep, there are perhaps better processors around, but NN 2.1 works well enough for my LX5 images... and it's small and fast (and it works with Irfanview).

So again I thank Panny for producing a really great camera. AVCHD and RAW are what I need, JPG is a throw-away IMO. I have the camera's C2 set up for JPG, but I very rarely use it, selecting C1 (RAW) or Creative Movie (Shutter preferred 1/30).

All I want now is a high sensitivity CMOS version of the LX5 which will not streak when bright lights are present, and the two cameras will suit all my current needs. Except I still use camcorders, of course. And my cell phone (very, very, occasionally...)

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