Anyone tried cheap fisheye adapters?

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Re: Dont !!

The quality is very, very poor.

I can post pictures, but it suffices to say that the CA of these adapters is horrific, the picture only has details around the center - the edges are very smeared.

If you shoot JPG mode, the NEX processing algorithm will try to 'smooth' out much of the poor quality, even in the center, resulting in a loss of detail and a 'water-color' look & feel reminiscent of the much smaller sensor P&S cameras.

There is also no correction software to recover some of the poor quality.

Really, the two Sony adapters, ECU and ECF, are worth their price.

  • The ECU converts the 16mm into a 12mm wide angle lens

  • The ECF converts the 16mm into a 10mm fish eye lens

Spending the extra $100 for the ECF over the cheap adapter is soooo worth it.

They do not vignet on the 16mm lens, but they do on the 18-55 - horribly.

Same applies to the tele converters.

If you only want the macro ring, I think that you can get these for a lot less.

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