5D 12mp = @ 24mp on 1.6 crop sensored cameras

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Well, as I understand it, regardless of how sharp the 5D may be, it is still limited to what any 12mp sensor can offer in terms of dpi for printing. In other words, the 7D can do larger prints due to its mp/dpi advantage (IQ notwithstanding). Isn't that correct? Thanks.

NO, that's not correct. The resolution is resolution, period.

Hi Hans you are wrong.

if you print a 12MP file at 360 dpi and a 18MP, or 24MP file at 360dpi the 12MP file is smaller! If you want a 12 MP file to just print as big as a 24MP file you have to interpolate the 12MP file regardless of the sensor size!

When you print on e.g. an Epson printer you will always interpolate anyway to the native PPI og 360 of the printer. However if there is more resolution in one file even with less pixels you will see the difference on the print if it is big enough. The interpolation can be done in Lightroom (which I always do depending on the size of the print) to 360 PPI.

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