S100f - Early efforts and some questions

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S100f - Early efforts and some questions

Hi all,

So here we share some first photos taken with our "new" S100f. This is an assortment of backyard colors including some birds, some blossoms, and a bunny... which were shot in various modes at various distances, some as jpegs and some RAF. We hope you enjoy them, and would appreciate any comments or suggestions you'd care to offer to help us get the best from our new camera.

I'd also like to ask a few questions that I'm sure some of you who are familiar with the S100f could help us with:

1. When shooting in Manual mode, the EVF displays the frame according to the light metered by AE, instead of showing the exposure dialed in manually by aperture and shutter speed selection. None of our Canons behave this way... and I'd prefer to see the exposure I'm setting manually. Is there a setting for this?

2. Why and how are RAW files being saved as 22mp (5440x4080)?

3. I'm experimenting with Silkypix 4.0 and have dl the latest LR/ACR but haven't begun using it yet. Which RAW conversion software do those of you shooting RAW with the S100f recommend?

Thanks for any replies,


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Kenn & Temple - Backyard Birders in St.Louis, MO USA

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