D5100 setting white balance

Started May 5, 2011 | Discussions thread
mlewan Senior Member • Posts: 1,343
Re: D5100 setting white balance

downtownfish wrote:

But as far as the WB I thought it would be there. I guess I should start doing everything in RAW like I should have been from the start. Damn I am starting to regret not throwing down the extra cash for the 7000.

To be honest, I thought the Kelvin setting was there too, but as I shoot RAW, I had not looked for it much. The manual is pretty clear however.

If you still have the option to upgrade to D7000, you may want to do compare the cameras carefully and see if it is worth it. If the option is gone, try to concentrate on the advantages of the D5100: light weight and swivel screen. They are not to be forgotten. Besides, the D7000 is not a perfect camera either. No matter which camera you buy, you will have to work around its limitations - it is just a matter of seeing which limitations are acceptable and which ones are not.

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