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Fabiano Barbosa Vilela
Fabiano Barbosa Vilela Forum Member • Posts: 75
Re: Had a look at the SZ-20 today

Thanks for the info Darren!

I´ve been waiting for a couple of months to buy a compact superzoom with 1cm macro and decent low light pics. After reading so many posts I gues I´m left with just a few options like Olys SZ-20 and SZ-30, Ricoh CX5, Casio ZR-100 and Samsung WB700. Very little is known about all these cameras as far as IQ is concerned so I guess I´ll have to wait until the end of the year to make up my mind!

I´ve seen some great pics of the CX5 but they had pp done and a CX6 will likely be around in a couple of months. The SZ-30 stands up not only on specs but also on price which is the highest amongst superzooms. I can´t wait to see how it will perform.

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